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Is for stuff like this that makes me respect him.

gerard the completionist

No thanks, take me back to the meme zone!

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While he was describing it, somebody reminded him that it was "Chase HQ".

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Given that it has been about 2 years since Jirad and Greg had their falling out, it feels like a dick move on Greg's part if you ask me.

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I did see some of the episodes with his involvement following those events but, I've come to realize that, I liked seeing Jirard on his own rather than the two together.

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Thinking the exchange was funny, the crowd started chanting for Greg to play Chase HQ on stage. A couple of things: 1- It's sad to hear that Greg and Jirard's friendship ended in bad terms. The hosts allowed it, and during Jirard's run he ran to the vendor hall and tracked down a copy of Super Chase HQ on sale by one of the retro games dealers. All those videos will be as easy to find as the ones that Jontron constantly takes down from his channel. Eh, everything will be archived and hosted elsewhere.

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