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Abbondanzieri biophysics, single molecules, motor proteins, transcription Steven M. Huguenard post-doc Daniel A. Adelson Experience-dependent plasticity Carla J.

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By Associated Press and Dailymail. Lew Klein, a broadcast pioneer who helped create American Bandstand and launched the careers of Dick Clark and Bob Saget, has died at Klein died Wednesday, according to Temple University, where he taught and mentored students for more than six decades.

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Contact Person: Talbot, William S. Email: wtalbot stanford. We use genetic and genomic approaches to investigate the molecular basis of myelination, glial development, and cell fate specification in the zebrafish embryo.

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In early October ofthe United States Department of Education endorsed ten K mathematics programs by describing them as " exemplary " or " promising. The " exemplary " programs announced by the Department of Education are:. The Expert Panel that made the final decisions did not include active research mathematicians. It is not likely that the mainstream views of practicing mathematicians and scientists were shared by those who designed the criteria for selection of " exemplary " and " promising " mathematics curricula.

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Richard G. He is the Anne T. His research interests include paleoanthropologyAfrica and Europe, his primary thesis is that modern humans evolved in East Africa.

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Claude Doubinsky of Tours, France, April 11, at He was a lecturer in French literature and assistant director of the Overseas Studies Program in Tours from until it closed in An heiress of the Broadway department store family, she helped to finance library institutions and preserve old-specimen trees and plants.

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The data for this edition was collected during the second week of September of a BETA list of the public profiles of the most highly cited researchers h-index larger than according to their declared presence in the Google Scholar Citations database. There is a separate ranking for the high energy physicists and astrophysicists with hyper-authored papers. This ranking is far of being complete, as many scientists have no developed a GSC public profile yet, that it is a very easy and free task and with a surprisingly large coverage of both contributions and citations.

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Professor Klein researches the archeological and fossil evidence for the evolution of human behavior. He has done fieldwork in Spain and especially in South Africa, where he has excavated ancient sites and analyzed the excavated materials since He has focused on the behavioral changes that allowed anatomically modern Africans to spread to Eurasia about 50, years ago, where they swamped or replaced the Neanderthals and other non-modern Eurasians. After earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, Professor Klein went to the University of Chicago to pursue his M.

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For many, childhood dreams fade into obscurity over time. For some others, however, those ambitions and aspirations remain as fresh as ever, becoming the compasses guiding their lives. Richard Klein, professor of anthropology, may fall into the latter category, with an affinity for paleoanthropology— the study of evolution through fossils and artifacts—.

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After decades of digging, paleoanthropologists looking for fossilized human bones have established a reasonably clear picture: Modern humans arose in Africa someyears ago and all archaic species of humans then disappeared, surviving only outside Africa, as did the Neanderthals in Europe. Geneticists studying DNA now say that, to the contrary, a previously unknown archaic species of human, a cousin of the Neanderthals, may have lingered in Africa until perhaps 25, years ago, coexisting with the modern humans and on occasion interbreeding with them. The geneticists reached this conclusionreported on Thursday in the journal Cellafter decoding the entire genome of three isolated hunter-gatherer peoples in Africa, hoping to cast light on the origins of modern human evolution. Two of the hunter-gatherers in the study, the Hadza and Sandawe of Tanzaniaspeak click languages and carry ancient DNA lineages that trace to the earliest branchings of the human family tree.


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