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It's no secret that George R. Martin based many of the characters and events in "A Song of Ice and Fire," -- the series of epic fantasy novels that has become HBO's "Game of Thrones" -- on history and on the historical fiction he loves. But viewers and readers might be excused for assuming that Martin exaggerated the vicious skullduggery in the historical record for the sake of drama.

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Does anyone of ever spend time trying to figure out how people were tortured in the middle ages? Well, if you do, wonder no more, because Amsterdam has got its very own Torture Museum. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the Flower Marketthe Torture Museum is one that is quite popular despite being small.

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In the Medieval ages there was an incredible amount of criminals, mostly because of impunity which gave them freedom to commit crimes. Edited by Matthew A. Another big reason was education because most burglars were not educated, so in order to survive, they had to steal. Other factor was the bad economy which could sometimes collapse from different reasons such as raids or natural disasters.

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The upcoming season of "Game of Thrones" will take viewers to a magical world harboring dragons, sorceresses and supernatural ice creatures. But the contested kingdom of Westeros is not entirely a flight of fancy — with its knights and lords, the setting is at least quasi-medieval. George R.

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Around 20 million people are currently on the move, fleeing from war and violent conflict around the world. Many of them have either experienced torture themselves, or have a family member who has, according to the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims IRCT. Some victims of torture have been raped or subjected to some other type of sexual assault while questioned or held in prison.

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