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Apparently the older kid is from a past relationship and that's why he's not always around in the vlogs split custody.

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That last prank was not a prank at all IMO.

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The thing that strikes me- watching his vlog's- is despite the tattoo's and fame- he's a down to earth guy- he seems pretty wholesome

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He punches and kicks roman when roman winds him up, which personally i think they shouldn't allow but they just laugh cause he is so cute haha.

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He's not afraid to show the viewer that he does 'stuff' around the house, helps his Dad, mows the lawn, etc

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They seem to have so much fun together. Why isn't Noah on the vlogs anymore? That's not a prank anymore! I think he's done great for himself but I don't know I find stuff like that such a turn off! For example the prank where he drives in this big ass black car and fakes these shooting noises. They aren't even funny, whats funny about shooting at a car, it's so random!!! People in the comments say it's because his ex is being "a bitch" but I couldn't find any video where he mentioned something?

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