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And when I see my own videos on tube sites, which I paid out-of-pocket to produce for my website, that is incredibly upsetting to me.

siri pornstar interview

Every video stolen from a porn studio means that studio is losing money, which means less work opportunities for me and other performers.

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There are no massive profits here.

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Piracy directly affects my ability to make a living.

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And my fans have definitely turned me on to new things.

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Whether it is your intention or not, a knock-on effect of that is breaking down the social stigma of folks who work in the adult industry. And my fans have definitely turned me on to new things. Notice I said make a living, not get rich. We could be here all day, so let's get to that interview If you had to choose between never doing cosplay or never doing porn again, which would you choose and why? There are no massive profits here. I really wish I could have experienced the earlier days of the porn industry, before piracy started to ruin everything.

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