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Childhood sweethearts who dated as year-olds reveal how they fell in love again 33 years later after

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Today's headlines Most Read Still Mummy's little boy!

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Making it less awkward: Before shooting porn together Mr Deen left and Miss Tisdale right had exchanged emails and both knew what the other looked like.

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I'm late to everything, including my own porn movie.

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Further explaining why she wanted to 'do a porno', she tells Mr Deen before they get to their bedroom scene: 'I was interested in the experience but only because it was with you.

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3 Surprising Facts About Porn Shoots

Mum reveals how a water bottle is the secret to making your toilet smell amazing - after cleaner's fabric softener trick took the internet by storm Still Mummy's little boy! Meghan Markle's 'Californian health habits' are rubbing off on Prince Harry who is 'really taking to the And, action: Porn star Mr Deen is seen here in a behind the scenes snap, filming a love scene in bed with Lindsay Lohan on the set of the non-pornographic film The Canyons. I'm late to everything, including my own porn movie. Christine Hamilton claims snacking during a film is 'deeply selfish and disruptive' We both knew what the other looked like. The pretty blonde told MailOnline that she got paid 'handsomely' for her stint in front of the camera, and there were no awkward moments as she writhed around completely naked in bed with her co-star.

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