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I don't recall the old hags in Things Betwixt being blind also.

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Sometimes it probably is just a throwback, a little sprinkling of fanservice for the observant player.

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Every souls game has vague story arcs, and From knows a huge majority of people that play the souls series like to play detective. My only issue was that if the rock spider was Quelaan, where's the bangin nude human half of her? I was fairly certain but you never know when you mix something up! One solid piece of evidence is all I'm after. I don't recall the old hags in Things Betwixt being blind also. Now if the body that was in possession of the tome is Quelana, then that spider must be Quelaan, considering the Chosen Undead chopped up Quelaag during the events of the first fading of fire.

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  1. Apart from image resolution, this is genius Gonna remember this one for years.

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