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The stalker videotaped Andrews for nearly 5 minutes while she was inside her room completely naked.

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Clearly, online sexual harassment should be part of the metoo movement, well, too.

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The worst part about invasion of privacy during the Internet era is that once your naked pics, nude videos or sex tapes leak online, they get an eternal lifespan and become unerasable.

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However, this survey may not reflect the real problem of online sexual harassment, as pretty much all women face online sexual harassment in one form of another.

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The police managed to find the stalker within several months.

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Send us scoop form close button. In the digital age, sexual harassment has been prevalent online: coerced sexting, unwanted sexual advances, online stalking, slut-shaming, revenge porn…you name it. In the suit, the reporter accused the owner and management company of the hotel of negligence. Her stalker, Michael David Barrett, modified a peephole on her hotel room door, and recorded her completely nude through the peephole for nearly five minutes. In December , Barrett was taken into custody and charged with interstate stalking for videotaping Andrews, distributing the footage online and trying to sell it to websites. Then, Barrett contacted gossip websites to sell the peephole recording. The sports reporter unwittingly became one of the most searched celebrity on Google and Pornhub after she was secretly filmed naked in a hotel room.

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