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Or, at times, they would choose to room with others instead of sharing a room with you.

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We vented with each other, we shared information and we helped each other.

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It turns out that Delta had paid for a room for him and one was available, but the desk clerk had just refused to give it to him.

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I began my career with Delta in and racism was still very common.

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Fly Girls: One of The First Black Flight Attendants Tells All

Sometimes the discrimination was subtle and sometimes it was overt. In the book I tell the story of Patricia Grace Murphy, the first black flight attendant hired by Delta. Then a white flight attendant would walk up to that same passenger later and they would say that they didn't want the black flight attendants to serve them. However, she says, the lesser-known reality is that many times she and other flight attendants of color were also forced to hold their heads up high as they faced down racial prejudice and discrimination both on the ground and in-flight. We also got to meet a lot of celebrities. After being refused by all the hotels, he returned to the original hotel.

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