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Thousands of Sinaloans are drawn wittingly or unwittingly into the narco economy, with vague titles such as "farmer" or "businessman" often serving as code for the more pedestrian jobs in the drug trade.

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Several gunmen hijacked a second truck, and the first, a white pickup, stopped — blocking a two-lane highway and allowing the men in the second truck to escape into the Sierra Madre.

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Outside, more than two dozen soldiers surrounded the building with guns drawn — more than anyone had seen at a local pageant before.

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She ordered her daughter a custom-made gown, in yellow shantung silk with off-the-shoulder sleeves, to rival the gown of Belle, the princess in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast.

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Susy was struck in the collarbone and bled out in three minutes, as military helicopters hovered overhead. And Susy too, fell for a narco whose violence was so legendary his name is featured in "narco corridos," the brass band songs devoted to a culture that glorifies drug traffickers and their bloody exploits. The candles have melted and balloons celebrating the 21st birthday she never saw have withered. On the outskirts of the city, meanwhile, motels boast Vegas-like replicas of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Miss Sinaloa was forced to give up her crown after soldiers caught her and her boyfriend, an alleged cartel leader, with an arsenal of guns and wads of cash in a tale that inspired the acclaimed Mexican film, "Miss Bala" — Miss Bullet.

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