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But this never should have happened, and I think for everyone at Kink right now, it's about how to stop anything like this from happening again.

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She said he would have known from working with her previously that she doesn't work with cattle prods.

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I respect women and I know and respect limits both professionally and privately.

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When reached by email, a publicist for Kink noted the company was still collecting information, but wrote, "If James had been recently tested [for STDs], he could have been allowed to perform in the Upper Floor scene so long as no one in the scene objected.

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She told BuzzFeed News she felt Deen deliberately violated the list to upset her — but she also noted that he had not reviewed her stipulations before he started filming the scene, contrary to standard practice.

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James Deen's Co-Star: "He Doesn't Just Rape; He Likes To Hurt Women"

With Deen, she said, it was different. LaBeau told BuzzFeed News she wanted to come forward because she believes that porn sets need advocates for the performers — the encounter she had with Deen was part of a systemic problem, where she's seen few clear channels for filing complaints. I respect women and I know and respect limits both professionally and privately. She panicked again, and members of the crew gathered around her to comfort her. After the second time they worked together, Rotten put Deen back on her no list, but not everyone is in a position to refuse work with someone, she said. He got to foot worship, and put a foot in her mouth, and then, she said, "he slapped me in the face, open-handed, really hard.

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