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How do you unlock the scouter and Knuckles' Shoes?

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I'd agree if this was referring to their Boom designs

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The Sonic movie might actually be

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I guess the best way to put it is: If Sega were to suddenly make Amy officially 19 or somethig, and people originally attracted to her stopped being attracted to her because of that reason, then that's an issue.

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Point is I don't think people are attracted to underage fiction characters because they're underage.

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Do you find Rouge the Bat attractive?

More topics from this board I don't find her particularly attractive, and I'm a furry. She was 8 like she was in Sonic CD, but recieved a magical bracelet and then became I'm not even sure why I'm arguing this much about it. The Sonic movie might actually be

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  1. So all you can see is her thigh, his ass and his shoes. Really ?? Why even post this video