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Check the arrival dates of payments here.

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Is it possible to pay the invoice partially?

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If the issuer of the e-invoice does not permit the cancelling of the e-invoice order in the bank, contact the issuer.

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Is it possible to insert future payments?

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Once you have opened an account, you can conveniently access information on both pending and past payments by logging in to the TransferWise website. The details of the actual remitter must be forwarded to the issuer of the e-invoice. In order for a payment by a client of LHV to reach another bank on the same day, the payment needs to be made by at the latest. If the e-invoice order has been processed, then in the Internet bank choose an e-invoice, for which you want to conclude a standing order agreement, from the menu of e-invoices. TransferWise will contact you if there is a problem with the payment. If the funds have not been received by the time of the last check or the transaction limits have not been increased for the payment, we shall cancel the payment and you will need to enter a new payment order.

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