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All I could see was a "Exit the game" one.

one night with caroline walkthrough

This game has 3 endings for now.

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from Dennis one night with caroline walkthrough

Tonight we'll meet Kate, an old friend of Caroline who works as a public relations film and that will test our sincerity.

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One Night Stand Walkthrough

Artistically I have some gripes. Now she is looking for a stable relationship and decided to go out with you. I had to spend at least half an hour to be sure there was no way to progress after a certain point, and frankly, I am still not sure. If there is one, I am an idiot and could not find it. Also your preview images made me think at first Kate is holding a card, and maybe there'd be a strip poker mini-game, but maybe that isn't one

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  1. Good looking out. Is she still into porn though?