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In an attempt to be adventurous, I ordered instead the most unusual thing I could find on the menu: beef with bitter melon. The waitress looked at me, her brow furrowed. I took a bite, then another, and another — in a different context I might have stopped, but my reputation was on the line.

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It is the 1 laboratory safety rule young scientists learn to never break and for good reason; it keeps lab citizens alive and unscathed. Rather than keeling over, he identified the sweet taste of sucralose, the artificial sweetener commonly known today as Splenda. Around World War II, in response to a sugar shortage and evolving cultural views of beauty, the target consumer group for noncaloric sweetener manufacturers shifted from primarily diabetics to anyone in the general public wishing to reduce sugar intake and lose weight.

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I often teach that to find where the G-spot is in a woman, and how it might feel, you can simply put your thumb in your mouth and feel the rougher, ridged area just beyond your teeth, on the top part of your mouth. Beyond that ridged area is the upper palate and halfway between the ridges and the upper palate is the area that is analogous to the G-spot. I find it fascinating that the interior of the mouth seems so close in structure to the yoni vagina in Sanskrit and the G-spot area.

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We respect your privacy. Silky cheesecake that slides off the fork onto your tongue. Ice cream — creamy, cold, sweet ice cream, anytime, anywhere. When the dessert menu hits the table, many of us start to think we could find a little more room in our already-stuffed stomachs for a slice of something sweet.

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I recently had an email exchange with someone who argued that food is supposed to be fuel — period — and that to view eating as a form of pleasure was a gateway to food addiction. I had to respectfully disagree. How do you view food?

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We all love going out for dinner, having family and friends around for lunch, and even attempting the unimaginable with a barbeque or picnic. But what makes us want to do this? Are you a person who enjoys the company and the lovely surroundings?

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We swallow 2, to 3, times each day. It's a life-sustaining and complex action requiring many muscles coordinated by the brain and brainstem. The functional assessment of swallowing disorders includes one or more tests that allow doctors to view the mouth and throat during the process of swallowing.

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I was in my late forties when I finally admitted to myself that I would never love wine. As other women fake orgasms, I have faked hundreds of satisfied responses to hundreds of glasses—not a difficult feat, since my father schooled my brother and me in the vocabulary of wine from an early age. That admission was a sad one, because my father, the writer Clifton Fadiman, who had died a few years earlier, loved wine more ardently than anything except words. He judged wine contests, supplied introductions to wine catalogues, and co-wrote an entire eight-pound book about wine.

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NCBI Bookshelf. A bitter pill, sour grapes or sweet nothings — descriptions of taste are very often associated with strong emotions. They express in words states of intense pleasure as well as displeasure.

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Chemistry, painting, sculpture, architecture, geometry, physics, pyrotechnics, all are more or less closely allied with the great art of fine dining" qtd. Great culinary accomplishment, he recognized, entails that the sense of taste is correspondingly capable of the development of "an extreme delicacy of the palate, which allows the appreciation, in tasting, of a full range of flavors" far beyond the register of basic sensation 6. Such sentiments were to be repeated and embroidered many times in the rich literature on gastronomy that blossomed in the ensuing decades Weiss


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