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Objective: Sperm motility is one of the most important factor in fertility of men. Because, it describes the ability of sperm to move properly through the female reproductive tract and reach the egg in order to fertilize it. Various factors, such as semen quality and other parameters are known to be effect on sperm motility.

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Deepak Modi left and Vrushali Sagare-Patil studied groups of infertile men to find the cause of their infertility. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement. A Mumbai-based team of researchers has identified one more protein — heat shock protein 90 HSP90 — found in human sperm that determines the ability of sperm to vigorously whip their tail and move or swim motility faster towards an egg to fertilise it.

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But, surprisingly, scientists have actually been in the dark about one crucial step: how the two sex cells recognize each other amidst the fluid frenzy in the Fallopian tubes. Researchers found that the only receptor protein that matched up with the sperm protein was one that had already been discovered and named. Its true purpose had just been misunderstood.

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Sperm are single-purposed: They're optimized to get to an egg and inseminate it. But that doesn't mean there isn't more to this cell than meets the ovum. Sperm, along with its travelling companion, semen, are surprisingly versatile and adaptable substances. Here are eight unconventional things you can do with human sperm.

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Men and numbers, what a relationship! After my talk on male infertility at the Fertility Planit Show this weekend, I was struck by the numbers of questions asked about the semen analysis. What do the numbers on a semen analysis really mean?

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These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days. Citations are the number of other articles citing this article, calculated by Crossref and updated daily. Find more information about Crossref citation counts.

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Illustration by Brandon Bird. That cost only covers the sperm itself, whereas the browsing, freezing, storing, reheating, inserting, and inseminating all have their own steep costs. While some elements of the process are covered by insurance, the cost of actual sperm always comes out of pocket.

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Chemotherapy has a lot of terrible side effects and that's partly because the drugs being used to fight cancer also attack healthy cells. Figuring out a way to deliver drugs to tumors without affecting healthy tissue is a challenge and a problem that researchers are trying to solve. One group working on this problem, New Scientist reports, is a team at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden and in a recent studythey showed that sperm could be turned into an effective drug delivery tool.

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It's probably one of the last things on your mind during ejaculationbut your semen can be a good indicator of your fertility and overall health. If you're thinking about how strong your swimmers are, or want to know what a normal sperm count is, then look no further. We break down everything you need to know about semen, sperm count and male fertility:.

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Semenalso known as seminal fluidis an organic fluid that may contain spermatozoa. It is secreted by the gonads sexual glands and other sexual organs of male or hermaphroditic animals and can fertilize female ova. In humans, seminal fluid contains several components besides spermatozoa: proteolytic and other enzymes as well as fructose are elements of seminal fluid which promote the survival of spermatozoa, and provide a medium through which they can move or "swim".


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