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Whether you love sticking with that go-to move you've had since college, or you once decided to try something new and kinky that didn't go over so well, you've probably done some not-so-sexy stuff in bed that even science can't explain. Granted, you don't need to fault yourself completely unless you skipped out on reading about women's biggest turn-ons, or you're simply oblivious to her pet peeves in the sack. But, it doesn't hurt to take note of the things you're doing during sex that might have her running for the hills.

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Apps were invented to simplify life's toughest conundrums; some help dilute our cruddy sense of direction Google Maps ; some to make reservations for brunch at Zuma seamlessly - or not OpenTable ; and some to make our loins burn with passion.

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My dolls, I have a racy question for you: Where's the weirdest place you've ever had sex? Let's chat This hilarious slideshow reveals places to have sex that sound sexy but really aren't.

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Something as innocent as a cheeky snog on a bus journey could see you slapped with a hefty fine or even end up in jail in another country. For instance, did you know that it's illegal to have sex on a motorbike in London and that even a kiss on the lips could get you landed in prison in India? They said that they made the decision after being inundated with complaints about amorous passengers. No porn in Nepal Films depicting sexual intercourse or full frontal nudity are banned in Nepal - even Bollywood movies, which are considered tame by western standards, have large chunks removed before hitting the market.

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Pick your stat: 57 percent of Americans have had sex outdoors; 14 percent have had a threesome; about 15 percent have had sex with a total of more than 15 partners. Some of these laws are downright strange, while others are just normal enough to make you wonder why they had to be created in the first place. From necrophilia to intercourse with fish, these are some of the most truly weird sex laws out there:.

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Different people like and prefer different porn movies, and certainly, some preferences may seem weird to other people. However, sometimes the directors of porn movies shoot videos that surpass just any healthy and unhealthy definition of weird. Trashy movies still go their own way, though.

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There are a lot of relatively sound religious rules to live by, according to some old books, but when it comes to "doing the deed," the rules aren't only endless, they're ridiculous and sometimes completely absurd. From curbing sexual impulses for your own spouse, to God-sanctioned one-night stands, to an afterlife of virgin-filled orgies, here are the top thirteen weirdest religious sex rules and beliefs courtesy of the biggest religions on Earth. Believe it or not but nothing about dry humping is on this list. Before we even get started, it's important to consider Family Guy's take on the situation.

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An Australian sex worker has revealed details of some of the strangest requests she has had from clients over the course of her time working as an escort. The woman, who claims to have slept with over 1, men, said while the 'girlfriend experience' was her specialty, naturally there had been times when she'd fielded some odd and unusual requests. An Australian sex worker has revealed details of some of the strangest requests she has had from clients over the course of her time working in the industry stock image.

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T he Boys is not the kind of show I would ever watch in a million years. A couple of regular dudes seeking revenge on a corrupt superhero company? No thanks.


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