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They are forced to remain on the campus to be trained as child soldiers until the Arc-Area Project is completed.

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In rebellion against their limited freedom, the Commons started to duel while riding Duel Runners, which are motorcycles combined with Duel Disks.

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The two of them are reunited at last, and the four dimensions are once again united into one.

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Learning who Zarc was in his life, Yuya and his counterparts manage to defeat Declan and pacify their past counterpart.

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The Xyz Dimension is a dimension where its residents all use Xyz Summoning.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Yuya later meets three Duelists who greatly resemble him: The collected Xyz duelist Yuto whom he unknowingly absorbed, the overconfident Synchro duelist Yugo, and the sadistic Fusion duelist Yuri. Known as Pendulum Summoning, the player is allowed to simultaneously Special Summon an unlimited amount of monsters from their hand or face-up from their Extra Deck to the field provided their Levels are in between and not equal to the Scales of the cards on the Pendulum Zone. Characters Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5 Chapters. Its setting is New Domino City also simply referred to as just "the City" , which serves as the setting of the second season. On his way, Yuya finds Zuzu and her counterparts still inside the Arc-V Reactor in an inactive state.

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