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For this post i will keep it short and sweet and leave you off with a pic that inspired me to start this blog today.

leg cast tumblr

Anybody got any suggestions?

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Want to get the full story?

from Caiden leg cast tumblr

Welcome to Casts and Casts.

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Omg my foot is so hot and itchy in this cast!

Want to get the full story? I Love Lucy 1x23 tv casts leg cast arm cast fake casts. Anybody got any suggestions? This may seem very unconventional and indeed it is, but i thought i would start this blog off by introducing myself and posting frequent updates on what i like about casts. Thank you to the nurse and her husband we met in The Sloop tonight before the Sailing Club gang arrived. Click on the headline above. Broken Leg leg cast film filmaking Kieran Thompson Sarah Sawyer Luke Johnson director diecting movie moviemaking set wheelchair shoot brokenleg.

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