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Dorephan: It's not a problem at all, I was actually hoping he'd be gay!

game grumps princess

Cover yourself in chocolate syrup immediately!

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Dan [as King Dorephan] : Son, bring this weird stingray thing outside!

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Arin: Harry Potter's been out for like twenty years!

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Disney Princess - Part 1: I'm a Pretty Princess

Danny: Uh, Kevin, uh, fuckin' Divine Beast Vah Naboris is pretty intimidating Arin: Well I guess your mom would feel pretty bad about hearing that huh? Muzu : That tall mountain over yonder Danny: I watched them for twelve days thinking "There's gotta be something else going on. Danny : [choking on his laughter] Suzy taught me that phrase! Danny: "Don't worry, my love!

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  1. I don't get it. WHY did she fuck up her face? She isn't even 25yo yet, so why the plastic surgery??!?!?

  2. That's your takeaway from the amazing scene? Wow.