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Colombia is an industrious, honest, long suffering lady , while Venezuela is a Fat Bastard of a woman who believes herself to be gorgeous, constantly gets into ill-fated Get Rich Quick Schemes and has an excessive love for her tiny doggie named Hugo.

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was banned on account of its general subject matter.

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Notably, while they can opt not to fire on the crowds, they cannot retaliate against the terrorists perpetrating it getting a Non-Standard Game Over and are compelled to kill the responding FSB personnel accordingly.

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Suffice to say the moral guardians had a field day with it.

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The city assembly refused to act, but the local school board subsequently moved all copies in local elementary and middle schools to closed shelves, effectively stopping students from reading the work at school. The Pink Floyd album The Wall was banned during the Apartheid era because the song "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 " was used in a student uprising against propaganda in the education system. The Empire Strikes Back was not shown on public television until The ban is actually broad enough that any form of face-covering - bar exceptions like motorcycle helmets - are banned. Some Finns did write letters to the Donald Duck magazine on the subject decades earlier, but the magazine put it to rest by publishing a picture of a ridiculous-looking duck with pants. The Bells Of Nagasaki , a non-fiction account of the atomic bombing of that city by a survivor, was initially refused publication under the censorship regime during the American occupation.

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