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If you can last through the first half of the first episode, then yes, you can definitely watch this no problem.

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How Music Defines Shinichiro Watanabe.

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But suddenly, when higher forces come after them, they must use everything at their disposal in order to escape their possibly one and true death.

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A lot of graphic scenes are exposed, and believe me, nothing in this show is made in a sensible or mature fashion.

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Everything comes together and enhances even more the interesting plot of the show.

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Anime Videos

Which of the anime above you think are utterly disturbing and why? As he chose to save the child, he later on realizes that his decision damages not only his prospects but unleashes a chain of horrific events, with murders pointing out to the very child he once saved. This show can be so grotesque that it will probably make you vomit a couple of times. Kei Kurono and his childhood friend Katou have died in a train accident. In scenes where everything seems lifeless, long periods of silence or nothing else but noise along with tons of metaphorical dialogues, Serial Experiments Lain will definitely get to you.

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