Teen whitening

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Everybody wants a shiny white smile — and this can be especially true during the teenage years when kids are particularly conscious of their appearance. However, many parents wonder whether teeth whitening is appropriate for young people — and if so, how early is too early for teen teeth whitening. In most cases, teeth whitening is safe for teens who are hoping to whiten and brighten their smile.

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Special Offers. If your child's teeth are looking less than pearly white, it might be tempting to whiten them in the same way you do yours: with whitening strips. But before you apply those strips to your child's teeth, you should learn a little more about how they work and the possible side effects of applying them on kids.

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Since the first at-home whitening system was released to Americans inthe U. Why are white teeth so important to us? Most people would agree that a good smile tips the scales favorably for us socially.

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Sofia asks: "How can I get safely whiter teeth at home? Jason Olitsky and his wife Dr. They do the best job of keeping the bleach close to the teeth and preventing it from being washed away by saliva. Also, try to avoid foods and drinks that tend to stain teeth for hours after whitening, such as coffee, tea, tobacco products, ketchup, soda, soy sauce, berry pies

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If you're looking for ways to get a whiter smile, look no further than our Teeth Whitening store. You'll find gels, toothpastes, kits, trays, pens, strips, and more products from brands such as Crest and Opalescence that you can use at home to get professional-looking results. Skip to main content.

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The court heard how the year-old victim visited a flat on Cambridge Road, where Roberts carried out the illegal treatment. Roberts continued to watch TV while the treatment was going on and her husband remained sitting on the sofa. By Francesca Fitzsimmons.

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What should you do? It's highly recommended to consult with a dentist before allowing your child to try any whitening products. However, the question still stands if your teenager is older than

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Dental experts are urging parents to exercise caution before allowing children to use at-home teeth whitening products often promoted by Instagram influencers, warning the social media-driven pursuit of the "perfect" smile is damaging for their oral health. According to Dr Toni Surace, a Melbourne surgical dentist, parents with children as young as 11 are seeking teeth-whitening advice, and some very young patients are using do-it-yourself whitening kits which could damage the natural development of tooth enamel. The safety and effectiveness of DIY teeth whitening kids for people under 18 is being questioned by dental experts.

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On occasion a parent or teenager will ask us at what age is it okay for teens to whiten their teeth. Weller explains in a segment on WGN what must be considered before bleaching the teeth of teens and youth, he also explains the risk associated with it. Weller explains that the risk resides in the shrinkage of the never during tooth growth which occurs throughout teenage years ages

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A bright, white smile is a major confidence-booster, especially during teen years. But what if your child needs a little help in that department? These days, increasing numbers of parents are turning to professional teeth-bleaching treatments to help their teens look and feel their best. Parents in search of professional-strength teeth whitening treatments for their kids can find them at kiosks springing up at malls and salons.


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