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More importantly, the ritual is examined in the context of the revolutionary discourse of the Cuban socialist state. In Cuba, the revolutionary state strongly promotes a central value of equality, and favours, in the name of this, practices that are seen to represent the popular culture of the formerly oppressed groups. In this context, quince is seen as a Spanish colonialist tradition, as opposed to the ritual practices pertaining to the Afro-Cuban religions or to the 'authentically Cuban', mixed Creole traditions, both of which are endorsed by the socialist state as national culture.

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Jump to navigation. The author and editor has gathered several collections of tales for wider publication such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and other folklore, and many tales may also be read on the site. The site also contains links to other retellings, but they are not annotated.

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Are children too exposed to overtly sexualised images? Flesh and flirting are cheap but ever more common currencies with which to try to flog anything from push-up bras to magazines. It's an easy decision to make a quick buck, but far harder to question the ethics of feeding children's natural curiosity for things that make them feel grown up, a curiosity that is instinctively moderated by attentive parents.

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Amy, 19, created a profile on Cinderella Escorts, a website offering girls the chance to have sex for the first time in exchange for money. The London teenager, who has not revealed her surname, said she has already been on three dates with potential matches - including a football player, a German businessman and a Wall Street Banker. While Amy claims to be a virgin, her profile states any potential suitor can bring a doctor to their first meeting or visit a clinic the day before.

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As my parents remind me on a regular basis, things these days are much different than when they went to college. My mother is constantly telling stories of the boys she dated when she was in college and asking me why I have only gone on one date the entire time I have been in college. Well, she is right, things just are not the same these days.

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The project also involved intense theoretical activity in the form of texts and lectures, of which three representative examples are reprinted in this catalogue. But the seeds and trigger of New Babylon, as Constant himself said on many occasions, were the designs he drew up in late for a camp to house a group of Gypsy families who had settled on a site on the outskirts of the Italian city of Alba. More important, he began working with Guy Debord on the conceptual and formal development of unitary urbanism: the theoretical and methodological framework that situationism devised in an attempt to generate a model for a new kind of city that would not be dependent on the logic of production and consumption.

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The world is a strange and fascinating place, full of absurdities, obsessions and contradictions, where doubts and beliefs regularly collide at unmarked intersections. Maybe because I have none. Maranatha, offspring of an ultra-restrictive religious culture, is the latest in a line of Rowe characters triggered by a double-take at the real world.

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From four perspectives - that of the prostitute, the moralist, the scientist, and the jurist - a history and discussion of prostitution as work, immorality, a subject for study, and a legal entity is examined. The author endeavours to determine from the evidence whether the prostitute should be regarded as a "sex worker" or as a "scarlet woman". Prostitution has different meanings for different groups in society.

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The articles under this heading discuss the central aspects of the family as a universal institution in society. Closely related are the entries Kinship; Marriage. There is controversy over just what constitutes the family and what its functions might be, but the generalization itself is widely accepted.

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