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From a film on Wal-Mart's business practices to one on aspiring sommeliers, each will simultaneously entertain and educate you about business.

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Founded in , DoorDash is a food delivery service.

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Thinking about a company and using its product obsessively for nine years straight will do that to you.

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For the anxious throng worried about spiraling startup valuations—a group now big enough to pass for conventional wisdom in Silicon Valley—Zenefits could be the poster child for collective panic.

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Over the weekend, widely-respected startup investor Fred Wilson posted a lengthy blog post musing over the implications of some uncomfortable data: startups in the trendy consumer internet space are having more and more trouble raising money once the first lumps of cash run out.

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Celeb Jihad

Today there is a new contender: Masayoshi Son. These are massive amounts of money. All of these questions seem like reasonable ones to ask, as its price has surged and plummeted. Founded in , DoorDash is a food delivery service. The stress of his e-commerce company, Next Jump, sliding to insolvency--the eviction notices, the personal lawsuits--was physically torturing him. Celebjihad-com on Pocket results.

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