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In December , Sabrok presented Mextli to the media and stated in the interview; that she is able to breastfeed, her breasts grew thanks to breast milk, and that she planned to have another breast augmentation to lift them because of they were sagging.

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Sabrina and the band released five albums.

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Sabrina set her sight on becoming the world's largest breasted woman.

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In October , Sabrina had cc saline implants placed.

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In May , Sabrok announced that she was pregnant.

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Sabrok lives in Mexico City, Mexico. In December , Sabrina changed the color of her eyes through surgery from hazel to blue. In , Sabrok moved to Mexico to pursue a career in television and modeling, where she modeled for fashion and cosmetic brands. In May , Sabrok announced that she was pregnant. The seat became vacant after the arrest of Elba Esther Gordillo, the previous president. These surgeries have enhanced Sabrok's body to a curvy and voluptuous body with 65""" measurements. In February , Sabrina received a new breast augmentation and had implants that weigh 3.

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