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And when she's having fun, we're having fun because that smile can bright up the room for sure.

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Hell, even pornstars like to play video games on Twitch these days.

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Krysta Our number two on this list would be none other than Krysta.

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Carli Bei was a long time news anchor for Naked News.

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Naked News

Peyton Priestley always seems to be having so much joy when recording segments for Naked News. Street interviews done by a naked hot chick is so much more fun compared to the regular boring street interviews. There's just something about this babe that makes her so much fun to watch. That has to be the amazing blond bombshell Peyton Priestley. In other words, do yourself a favor and stop watching the regular news on TV and instead, start watching "Naked News"! Shanon Blake With her long blonde hair, a pair of boobs that fit your hands perfectly and a sexy smile, makes Shanon Blake the perfect candidate to present the news to you in her Eve costume.

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  1. well someone is getting something out of it. People are clearly paying her.