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He looked me in the eye, held my gaze, and…spit in my face.

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I love beautiful gifts and fancy restaurants as much as the next girl, but the men offering them bored me.

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He looked me in the eye, held my gaze, and…spit in my face.

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I leaned forward to kiss him, my bare chest touching his, my hair curtaining both our faces.

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After a few seconds spent considering whether I should feel upset and dismayed, disrespected and indignant, I had to admit to myself that I liked it, a lot.

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The Truth About Why Guys Spit All the Freakin' Time

Shocked might be a better word. Maybe I'm connecting the dots tendentiously here, but I'd like to think that his creativity and antiauthoritarianism made him experimental, audacious, willing to take risks and to risk humiliation, artistically and sexually. It will probably sound like an overstatement to say this, but in that moment, my world cracked wide open. I reached up, wiped the saliva from my eyes, and kept going. It felt dirty, weird, wrong, but also thrilling that he'd decided to try something that unexpected, that out there, during the exhilarating trust fall that is sex. The relationship didn't last, but the epiphanies it occasioned did. I'm sure this at least partly accounts for why I spent my early twenties dating nice, vanilla-pudding business guys and having lots of polite, missionary-style sex.

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