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This however, does not mean that a woman is gay if she gets turned on by a girl kissing her.

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These women love flirting and kissing women but enjoy physical intimacy with men only.

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It can be a normal act of pleasure and appreciation as well.

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The labels in the relationship are the least concerned fact these days in between two people.

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The late teens and adult women are accepting this openness in the sexuality as a way of life, and they are absolutely abandoning the restrictions of gender to come in between their lifestyle and individuality. This is just a way of self-discovering and not an act of turning the sexuality into being a gay. Just the sight may give pleasure to someone who has been missing their beloved or someone who is looking for someone to share these moments with. It Is not necessary that the woman gets turned on because both the people sharing a moment are women. Just watching two women kissing each other will not make a woman lesbian. When two people share intimacy and if you see them then you can feel the intimacy as well.

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